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Pacquio became the new WBC Lightweight Champion


After defeating David Diaz on the 9th round, Manny Pacquio became the new WBC Lightweight Champion. This is Manny’s 4th world title. David Diaz was no match to Manny’s speed and technique. From round 1 upto the 9th its all about Manny’s brilliance on the ring. Diaz was KOed by a devastating left hook from Manny and Diaz just couldn’t help himself to get up. Boxing finished!

Pacquiao thus became the only Asian and only Filipino to win four world titles in different weight divisions.

Team Pacquio is planning to fight under the 140 lb division. I’m looking forward to that.
Maybe he can win and bag another world title and another history with 5 world title under his name. Let’s see!


One Response

  1. I bet heavily on Diaz… and lost… I dunno why I bet on diaz in the first place!

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