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Violin Junkie


At last! I have a blog site for my violin addiction. It is obvious on the blog name that I became a violin junkie. haha! I only started to play the violin a few weeks ago when my friends and I decided to enroll in a group violin lessons at MPO (Manila Philharmonic Orchestra).

I am very happy to be a violin beginner. It is my life long dream to play the violin. Violin playing is very addicting, I got hit by OCVD (Obssessive Compulsive Violin Disorder) and I can’t get enough of it. LOL!

This site will be full of violin stuff, blogs about different violin virtuosos, review of recordings, conciertos, favorite violin stuffs, and many others related to the violin and music in general.

You can visit my site every now and then for updates and new posts. Thank You!


4 Responses

  1. wow pre! how nice! me too, ive been dreaming to play a violin, but i have it yet.. is it too late for me to play the violin even if im an employee?? thanks for the blog bro.

  2. It is never too late to start bro. There’s a lot of grandpa and grandma beginners out there.

    I’m an employee also and that should not be a hindrance. Good luck!

  3. hi randy! i’m so glad when I saw your blog,
    I think that I’m alone that has been dreaming
    about playing the violin. But, u know that they say it’s
    difficult for an adult to play it,stiff muscle
    and all that.. BTW, how old are you when u start
    to play the violin? I’m interesting in learning
    how to play violin,too, so wish me luck,OK?

  4. @ceecile: I’m 23 turning 24. It’s never to late. Actually it is not that hard when you start to pick up the violin as an adult. Adults have advantages as well. I can learn a simple piece in one day, while a 4 year old beginner might learn it in a longer span of time. Keep it up! I wish you all the luck. I’ll try to update my blog for you guys. Thanks -Randy

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