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Thanks FriendFeed!

Last September 19 (My Birthday), I posted this on Friendfeed:

“If (month=9) and (day=19) { Age++ } else dead;”

And here’s the response from my mateys:

Thanks Friendfeed!


For Friendfeed’s Photo Meme Bandwagon

Just joining

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me! 😀

Happy 7th year anniversary to me and my baby!

Happy Anniversary! It has been 7 long years baby! I love you!


Adam and Eve

What if Adam was like the guy from this video?

The 10 most decadent dictators

A revolving gold statue, pink champagne and a “Pleasure Brigade” of nubile retainers all feature in Times Money’s list of history’s most decadent dictators. While their people suffered, these men – and sometimes their wives and children – agonised over how best to spend their ill-gotten gains…

1. Kim Jong-il, “Dear Leader” of North Korea since 1994. The son of the communist state’s “Great Leader”, Kim Jong-il has super-expensive tastes, with 17 palaces, and collections of hundreds of cars and about 20,000 video tapes. On one state visit to Russia, he reportedly had live lobsters airlifted daily to his armoured private train. He is believed to spend around $650,000 a year on Hennessy VSOP cognac and maintains an entourage of young lovelies known as the “Pleasure Brigade”.

2. Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines, 1965 – 1986. The Second World War freedom-fighter turned kleptocrat secreted billions of dollars in overseas accounts. His wife Imelda, however, was the big spender, leaving 888 handbags and 1060 pairs of shoes in the Malacanang presidential palace when the family fled mob justice after Marcos was deposed. Her pricier purchases included the $51 million Crown Building and $61 million Herald Centre in New York and art by Michelangelo and Botticelli

3. Nicolae Ceausescu, President of Romania, 1967 – 1989. The “Geniul din Carpati”, or Genius of the Carpathians, was congratulated (by telegram) by Salvador Dali on his excesses, which included his use of a kingly sceptre. Despite an official salary of just $3,000, he found the cash for 15 palaces, a superb car collection, yachts, fine art and bespoke suits. Tens of thousands of homes were demolished to make space for his 1,100-room, 480-chandelier Palace of the Parliament in the capital, Bucharest

And how is your family, Mr Ceausescu?

4. Saparmurat Niyazov, President of Turkmenistan, 1990 – 2006. The President for Life and “Turkmenbashi”, or Father of all Turkmen, was at the centre of an awesome cult of personality. Vanity projects included a £6 million revolving gold-plated statue of himself in the country’s capital, Ashgabat. He shifted around £3 billion to overseas accounts, renamed the month of January (after himself), banned beards and ordered that his musings be displayed alongside the Koran in mosques

5. Idi Amin, President of Uganda, 1971 – 1979. The self styled “Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea”, “Emperor of Uganda” and “King of Scotland” awarded himself the VC, or Victorious Cross, and CBE, or Conqueror of the British Empire. He also spent millions on a super-lavish lifestyle – maintaining a reported 30 mistresses as well as five wives and fathering at least 43 children. A typically mad-capped project was the creation of a personal bodyguard of bagpipe-playing 6ft 4in Scotsmen.

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Player of the Year

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