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The total look-a-like!

britney spears, bat boy, weekly world news
Singer Britney Spears totally looks like the Bat Boy from Weekly World News


richard branson, sabretooth, virgin atlantic, x-men
Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, totally looks like Sabretooth from X-Men


clay aiken, american idol, chucky
American Idol Clay Aiken totally looks like Chucky, the evil doll from the Chucky movies

ludacris, red fraggle, fraggle rock, muppets
Rapper Ludacris totally looks like Red Fraggle from the television show Fraggle Rock



zac efron, high school musical, yagami light, death note
Zac Efron of high school musical totally looks like Yagami Light of death note


ricky rubio, olympics, harry potter, jk rowling

Ricky Rubio, Olympic basketball player from Spain, totally looks like Harry Potter


bono, robin williams

Singer Bono totally looks like actor Robin Williams


see famous look-a-like faces


5 Responses

  1. lol yeah im a huge zac fan and it does look like him…not anymore tho

  2. wow it really does look like zac efron he’s so cute lol i love u zac efron alotttt!!!!!!!

  3. but it really does look like him i wish i could meet him im his #1 fan dat u can bet on it

  4. wow.. scary britney spears..

  5. I like chucky

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