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The Google good news!

I submitted my Daily Contributor Blog for Google news. To cut the story short, just read the email below:


Hi Randy,

Thank you for your note. We’ve reviewed your site and will be adding it to
our index for Google News. The inclusion of your articles should be
processed within the next few weeks. If you’d like to verify whether we’ve
started crawling your content, you can use our site operator by entering [
site:your_site.com ] and clicking “Search News.”

Once your site has been processed, we encourage you to submit a Google
News sitemap in order to optimize the indexing of your articles. You can
find more information about creating a News sitemap in our Publisher Help


Please keep in mind that the inclusion process may take up to a few weeks,
and you’ll only be able to submit a News sitemap once this process is
complete. While we’ll strive to include as many of your news articles as
possible, we can’t guarantee the inclusion of your content in Google News.

Thank you for providing your articles to Google News.

The Google Team


Thanks Google!


The Twitter Flood

I only have 18 followers on Twitter yesterday, but as of this time, I now have 72 followers. Whoa! I’m near Michael Arrington’s twitter followers [27,600]. LOL! I know 72 is not much but I’m just happy for it.

+54 followers. But How?

I placed a follow me on twitter image on the Daily Contributor Blog yesterday and since then my followers have increased. Ummm, maybe that’s the reason. I’m still not sure.

I followed some people and followed back but that’s just few.

Thanks to this:

follow the daily contributor on twitter

Keep them comming! Thanks! Follow me on twitter to get updates from me and The Daily Contributor blog.

Help on Promoting The Daily Contributor

I have created a standard 125×125 image for promotional purposes of The Daily Contributor.

The Daily Contributor

Just copy paste the code below to include my ad on your site.

<a href=”http://dailycontributor.com”><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-605″ title=”The Daily Contributor” src=”http://dailycontributor.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/dc-ad.jpg&#8221; alt=”The Daily Contributor” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>


Just visit The Daily Contributor
Your Daily Contributor for News, Technology, Sports, and Entertainment

The Daily Contributor

I have a new blog! It’s called The Daily Contributor. Your Daily Contributor for News, Technology, Sports, and Entertainment

My new blog was officially launched on September 27.

The blog covers topics such as:

  • TechnologyThe latest technologies, gadgets, and things on the web
  • SportsUpdates on hoops, the boxing ring and other Sports
  • Entertainment – The Latest Buzz on Music, T.V., Movies and Hollywood
  • Fun – Funny and weird things, pictures, news on the web

The Daily Contributor is currently a 4 Man blog but if you are interested to be a contributor, just post a comment here and I’ll get back to you.

You can subscribe to our feeds via a reader or by e-mail.